A-ha haters come to Mice’s assistance


From this MetaFilter discussion:

I think A-ha’s video for “Take On Me” set a standard nobody’s ever gonna touch. posted by alumshubby at 4:46 PM PST on March 12

For pure evil, perhaps. posted by jonmc at 4:53 PM PST on March 12

My long-suffering co-worker Mice hates A-ha, yet Mrs. Mice loves A-Ha.

Myself, I love their video and “Take on Me”.

This discussion was about this video for the {electronica / square beat / something / huh / what-the-heck} artist M.I.A..

I heard her song “Pull up the people” by MIA yesterday on KSJS and it’s maddeningly addictive:

I got the bombs

to make

you blow

I got the beats that make ya go baaang