What we should really be worried about...


George Bush would like us to believe that the threats against America are the collusion of Saddam Hussein and al-Quada (unsubstantiated) or the ready-to-go WMDs in Iraq (not found) or the moral anarchy inspired same-sex marriage (riiiight), but his own Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld’s playground, is reporting that the number-one likely cause of an imbalance in world stability will be attributed to neither homosexuals or botched war justifications. It will be…

Global Warming

That’s right, the Republican administration who withdrew the US from the Kyoto protocol in a fit of long-sighted stewardship of the global ecosystem but a few short years ago, has now been hit by a surprise of its own, the number one threat to US security, the thing most likely to spike the number of red days according to the Department of homeland security is Global Warming.

This report is being suppressed at the moment, so original sources are unavailable. The British paper, The Observer, has nevertheless obtained a copy.

Actually, GWB is having quite a battle with “science” of late, the Union of Concerned Scientists recently issued a scathing report describing Bush’s misportrayals of scientific fact to advance his political goals.