Rest of Dad’s visit, this week...


On Sunday Dad and I got up and went to the Metreon-area Mel’s. The place was packed (as usual) and we took our time.

Then we went to The Men’s Wearhouse and he helped me pick out 3 very nice new suits. I have to admit that 99% of the reason that I always wear dark colors is because they always match (more or less) but we angled towards a bit lighter color. They were navy, bronze, and dark blue. I’ll post pics when I get the chance.

After that we headed up to Union square and did some looking around for watches, nick-nacks, and other loot. Towards the end of the day we were pretty tired. We headed back home and grabbed some beers from the New Potrero Market and relaxed at the house. It had been unusually hot that day. We headed up to Chez Maman for dinner and ate outside, this is a lot of an art given that we were on a hill. P-dizzle joined us. Dad and I both had the NY strip steak. Chez Maman on peut manger tres bien. After that we grabbed a nightcap at the Connecticut Yankee.

Monday (I took the day off) we slept in a little bit later and did the Union Square thing some more, I was on the hunt for some shoes and a dress-watch. We did some looking without much success and then we headed up to the wharf (via cable car bien sur) and grabbed a bite at Nona Rose’s. I had some bony fish and Dad had some chowder. Dad suggested we return to Macy’s and there I found a very nice watch by Kenneth Cole . I can say I’m not quite to that ‘drop a K on a Movado’ phase yet in life. Yet.

We also got to talk a lot about future planning / estate planning / how to think about money etc. It was a lot of work and the HP Calculator was afoot (Recently Slashdot had a discussion about good calculators, pro-Carly / anti-Carly, HP soulless / Agilent Rules invectives) . I remember thinking when I was little that Dad and my grandfather, Harold, always seemed to stay up in Dad’s office when he visited. Is this the inauguration?

Monday night we stayed at home and watched The Matrix. Dad had never seen it and it’s one of my faves. He seemed to like it too and actually his keen eye for tracking detail made him ask some of the questions that most people missed in the first but that form the basis of the 2nd movie.