Saturday at the Cine


Today Elle and I took in V for Vendetta. Both being people who don’t really care for conservativism, conservative government, or quasi-theocratic leaders, we were right in the target demographic for the film.

I had read the graphic novel before seeing the film and, having liked it, expected the movie to disappoint me horribly.

I was not disappointed, I was entertained, amused, and had my thoughts provoked.

There were some great big explosions, some interesting meditations of monsters and anarchy, and a name-drop of one of my all-time favorite books: The Count of Monte Cristo.

After that we hit the Cold Stone, groceries, and then headed home.

The movie also featured trailers for Pirates II and Silent Hill.

I love the Silent Hill series of games and I’m expecting to get horribly disappointed by the movie. Buuuut there was hope, the special effects looked creepy and in the brief display of the “world shift” effect (known to game players as entering The Otherworld) I was reminded of all that makes me love to get the bejesus scared out of me playing those games.

I’m a bit upset they changed the storyline (single father loses his daughter to mother loses daughter and dad is chasing after) - but I still think they can make it work provided they balance ambient, creepy, suspense (a la the grudge) against in-your-face action (a la Resident Evil).

The directors best be good else i shall USE the white chrism to summon Samael and haul them to the bottom of Toluca lake!