Lone Star Ruby Conference


Wow, has Austinite Jim Freeze et. al. really outdone themselves this year. They have organized the second Lone Star Ruby Conference. This year none other than Matsumoto-san, creator of Ruby itself, will be presenting! Talk about a coup!

The presentation will even be at the terribly-convenient intersection of Anderson and Burnet but a mere 4 miles from my home. I hope opportunity shall be found to introduce the intrepid father of Ruby for a Hunger Buster at the DQ up the street.

This also means that the closest and best bar in the area will be Ginny’s Little Longhorn. I can totally see Dale Watson and Matz rocking a “Heartbreak Hotel” cover.

You can also take an chock-full day long training session for a mere 125 on top of the incredibly reasonable 250. My ticket, all told was less than 500 dollars. Hotel costs at most conferences are more than that.

If you’re doing Ruby, come on down to Austin in September and say hello. Being September it may be a pleasantly cool fall or the final month of the boil-‘em-‘til-they-say-uncle crucible. No promises on that one.