Watched "Metropolitan"

While not a lover of the works of Whit Stillman unto the extent of JimD, I have to say that I always enjoyed the vaguely blue-blood, post-prep school and Ivy League musings of “Barcelona.” When we noticed that the Criterion Collection’s edition of “Metropolitan” was now available for streaming on Netflix, it seemed like a good amusement.

It’s a delightful movie.

It’s the story of young men squiring debutantes to “deb dances” and the conversations that happen afterwards in the debutantes’ parents’ East-side apartments in the wee hours. The movie’s plot is chiefly the story of poorer Tom Townsend who, by accident, becomes swept up in a debutante clique with the scions of older and wealthier families. In time he must handle his own perceptions about class, decide which young lady is most worthy of his attentions, and face down a Mr. Wickham-grade slimeball replete with a continental aristocracy title.

In the larger sense, like “Barcelona,” the movie is about being young and hopeful and enjoying the possibilities of good friends, and sifting out those who seemed good but were not and keeping those treasured few that remain. Other than that, it’s just about the conversations you have while you go through that process.