Completionist OCD strikes again


During my blogging hiatus towards late April and Early May, I finished my fourth Latin class. During the class we covered the larger parts of Books I and II of the Æneid.

But we did not finish them. In a move that can only be considered arch-nerdly, I am reading the ending of these two on my own. In some ways, with several grand sunk, it seems like a very bad use of my funds to basically let all the knowledge leak out over the summer. On the other hand, couldn’t I be reading something else, something that doesn’t require a dictionary nearby?


So, I bought a 3-pack of those lovely brown-cardboard Moleskine mini-notebooks and am cruising through, picking up where we left off so that I can see what happens.

This is like that time when I was taking French III and we had read the first half of Patrick CAUVIN’s «Monsier Papa». What did I do on my flight to San Jose (that ultimately got me hired by Cisco)? Yep, I checked out the book from the library and read it on the plane.