Transhumanism via "disability"

in Ex-Facebook

Once, on Facebook I wrote:

Considering Viktoria Modesta again…

How will we account for the revolution in our conception of our bodies that individuals such as Viktoria Modesta ( and Angel Giuffria ( occasion?

Who will have jealousy of whom? Who can deny the erotic charge of Modesta’s needle leg? Who can resist wondering what Giuffria’s crush strength is?

The “disabled” become “able” and the “able” become “enhanced.”

And how will our discussion of what “disability” is? Modesta refuses even to discuss that word as it simply, she feels, does not apply to her. And how will those extant support communities face this disruption. Will they shun the “engineered” for having discarded their scarlet Ds? Will they cling to identity and primitivism or will they embrace (echoes here of the cochlear implant shaming seen in auditory impairment communities, no pun intended).

I suspect this is the gateway to liberating our minds from our bodies and moving toward the singularity: not when the machines consume us, but when the difference ceases to matter.