OK, what i’m working on

I’m working on my yearly performance review. Damn. I didn’t get the inspiration to write well about myself until after I had a really good conversation with my boss.

It would figure, this would happen on the day it’s due.

I’m browsing through my iTunes library and I came across a classic, Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking. It’s a great album with amazing and beautiful and psychedelic guitar work by Mr. Electra himself, Dave Navarro.

First time I heard the guitar riff to “Stop” i fell off my bed (it was played by a kid i knew in High school named Andy).

I didn’t buy this CD until the summer after my freshman year. I was taking summer school at Tomball Community College, working at Kumon, chasing after Miss Betsy O. (now married), and slumming with wonderfriend Mike S.

Good times, I’d blare the Jane’s as I headed off to Tomball down 249.

Horrible name for a town…