FCC Net Neutrality Policy Changes

in Ex-Facebook

Once, on Facebook I wrote:

This is horrible. Please contact your representatives.

Imagine you load up Netflix (which you pay for) on your broadband TV and then it stops and your broadband provider “offers” you the chance to buy more HD minutes. Or they break for an ad pitching their movies on demand service. This is what is being proposed.

Compare it to the water in your pipes. Do you drink that water? Do you wash dishes with it? What if if had to subscribe to the drinking plan?

The “micromanage” language is meant to inspire Reaganite hatred of big government. But this is a ruse. This proposal is closer to allowing an oligopoly to control how you get to use a utility. The reason government MANAGES utilities is because of their inherent monopoly power. This proposal will force you to pay to use your purchased data the way the providers want in benefit of the providers’ competitive position. It’s a scam.