At several times in my life I have undertaken to learn this “dancing” thing with mixed results. Well, here I go, both feet first, jumping without testing the depth of the water. Lauren and I signed up for Four on the Floor, Austin’s Tuesday night classes at The Texas Federation of Women’s clubs in West Campus.

Last night we took the basic class (a bit below our familiarity, actually) and then took the intro Lindy Hop class ( Step 1: Basic Charleston ).

It’s going pretty well, Laur and I have been a-seen practicing our Charleston kicks on sidewalk, under eaves and even near my workplace. I’m determined to stick through with this one Big Nerd Ranch style, do it until it gets so into you it can’t get out, dammit.

I have my first latin II test tomorrow, so I’m studying and waiting for northbound MoPac traffic to lighten up.