Sex Education is Poorly Handled by the Internet

in Ex-Facebook

Once, on Facebook I wrote:

Recently Mike and I were discussing how to keep children from content they’re not ready for. Even that, it’s hard to catch everything all the time when programmers feel that a bit of the risqu might be a fun addition and its monetized presence nets coin for the corporate coffers.

But then I read this:

It’s hopeless.

Right now my recommendation is to vaccinate them by explaining reproductive sexuality early with overtones of gauziness and love because the world is going to provide more than enough footage of jaws-wired-open, smeared-mascara debasement. It’s all part of our fucked-up design (e.g. the hormone for pair bonding is the same one as the one that inhibits heart attack risk bad engineering) that weds adrenal response to sexuality to pain but I’d urge that the preliminary interactions be as frank, simple, and idealist as possible.