Happy Christmas Eve

I added some old programs I wrote a looooong time ago. I keep getting Google hits requesting this material, so, visit the “programming” link above.

Today I’ve been watching all sorts of religious material (in line with the holiday) on the History channel: angels, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, comparative religion, etc. Material like this, WWII history, ancient egyptian/roman history, or The Godfather will pretty much glue me to the TV (even with Tivo!).

Here’s something I want to remember: Auhra Mazda, this is the supreme God of Zoroastrianism. He’s the good guy.

I’ve been very interested in Zoroastrianism lately because I’ve been thinking a lot about the Greek / Persian collaboration (uhm, conquest) when Alexander colonized Persia. Another interesting side-effect was the birth of Mithraism - a re-importation of Zoroastrianism into a Roman warrior-cult. One more thing. Coptic text. What a cool looking text. It’s Greek with a few more symbols. It’s very interesting to me. It’s actually to be added to the next iteration of the Unicode standard.

I love early Christianity - fresh, Mystical, Gnostic, Greek, the power of the Name of The Word was in the air. It was pretty intense stuff.

Merry Christmas, remember Christianity is a lot crazier than we’re told we should remember - but it all starts with a birthday in Bethlehem.