Why you should not commit suicide

I think that most creative people, or sensitive people, or people who have faced tragedy contemplate suicide at some point.

Some contemplate it more deeply, earlier, and some only have a passing glimpse of it, seeing it like a pretty girl in the driver’s seat of a German luxury car speeding into sun-flare leaving you with only a vague impression of “good looking”.

I personally think that anyone who would ever hope to be great must make a certain about of peace with this matter, and that involves a lot of careful consideration, it’s sort of a required contemplation for certain life aspirations.

In any case, I should like to note to anyone considering this ill-advised course of action that no matter how bad you think things suck right now - such that suicide seems like a good idea - imagine how much worse it would be if your attempt messes up? I mean, you could go from being mopey to being immobilized, you could go from being bored to being brain-dead.

It strikes me that any potential benefit is simply not worth the risk.

There are lots of other good existential reasons presented by Camus in L’homme revolt? (The Rebel) and there plenty of moralistic or sentimental reasons (Religious text says not to, how could you be so cruel to your loved ones, how can you be so self-absorbed, etc.) .

I’m not here to judge, I just want to give a pragmatic reason to not make this fatal error of perspective (although I don’t believe it should be a criminal act, it’s not the government’s business).