News of the week

In short order I can say that I basically have had a pretty good week. I’ve been to the gym according to schedule, I’ve worked hard in the evenings to keep a clean home and hearth. I’ve been productive at work. I’ve been good.

An interesting development is that I am now using the on-the-fly document editing system, TWiki” as a Personal Information Manager (PIM). Once upon a time I had a Palm V – which is good, but I hate lugging more electronic gear in my pocket. With a TWiki the PIM is online and I am rarely anyplace where I can’t get net access (or if I can’t, I shouldn’t be getting net access).

I also firmed up some plans for my visit to Austin for my sister’s graduation (Go ‘Horns class of 04!).

I’m also stewing up some ideas for my next Cocoa app – although I’m a bit loath to dig in just yet. I’m not sure I’ve gotten enough distance from my last go round just yet.

Tomorrow I am going to run le grande clean-out in my cubicle. It’s time to get more organized there and get rid of some more clutter. Label maker is ready and primed. I’m going to get an early jump on the morrow and do that.

As part of the GTD methodolgy, you have to clean out your other inboxes, well a few that I’m really not looking forward to organizing are my Powerbook’s directories, the desktop of my work pee-cee, and my work unix home directory. 4 years of total laziness have made these virtual inboxen total messes. I’m going to see this thing through.

At work I’ve been busy reading through a bunch of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) drafts and RFCs. I’ve been reading up on the latest round of sender identification protocols (Cisco’s IIM, Yahoo’s DK, and Microsoft’s Secure Sender).

Anyway, tonight I’m actually starting to dig into the CCNA prep book and I might get a few pages of Quicksilver read – that is the book, not the outstanding MacOSX productivity tool.

I have also edited my MoveableType back end (the software that runs this blog) so that all comments older than 5 days are now closed. I’m sorry to curtail any discussion, but I want to cut down on blog-spam.

  • sigh * Things are getting tidied up across the board I have about 3 hours of cleaning and laundry at home…but I have a method to this madness. I think I’m going to get there soon. Gotta get things under control before the holiday madness.