Today is my birthday, and by blog’s too

Well, the blog turned 1 year old over the weekend, on the 7th.

Today I turn 27 at about 1 pacific. It’s a funny numerical alliance it would seem.

Others sharing my birthday are Melanie Griffith, Smokey Bear and the Prophet Mohammed. Ol Monkeyface, bereft a place to house his wishes, was forced to place his wishes under my anti-Hives post.

Well, thanks for the wishes!

I spent the weekend pretty calmly, Saturday night I saw Monster. It was disturbing but very well acted. Saturday I went out in downtown Palo Alto and ate at the very tasty Pizza My Heart and picked up an Airport Express at the Apple Store. The evening also had some adventure and some unpleasantness that I shan’t recount here.

Sunday was a laaaaazyyyyy day. I worked on my program a bit and chatted online with some friends. I also hat some tasty PHO - that stuff always puts me right about comatose so that may explain the general malaise.