Back to yoga

I’ve been bad and have been skipping.

I went and afterwards got a tasty Jamba Juice

Jamba and yoga go together like Rumsfeld and cynicism.

Bliss on that one my carrots.

And, as I love Cat Power, here is a quote:

Last night there was a party / I could not go / I sat around and I thought about it / all night long

I was thinking about that because on the way back from the asanas and the Jamba, David Sedaris was talking about being lonely and feeling pathetic for it.

Wily interviewatrix, Teri Gross pointed out that David had consciously moved to Paris, where he knows no one, and doesn’t speak the language and yet he is lameting being lonely?

Furthermore he is going to have the #1 best selling book according to the NYTimes list as of next week, surely there are tons of fans who would love to buy him a drink, a coffee, something.

David was appropriately circumspect and said that while that may be true, he couldn’t really reciprocate in such a discussion.

“Oh I love your books” “Oh I love the school play you did in 8th grade.”

Always funny, he.