I love the band Interpol

Their music is operatic and new-wave at the same time. It’s haunting.

I was really into this album “Turn on the Bright Lights” when I was living in San Francisco and working out late at night on the 2nd floor of the 24 Hour fitness on 16th street.

I remember sitting on the press machine and hearing the echo guitar dialog of the song “Obstacle 1” as I stared through the murky blue dark towards the occulting clouds swirling about twin peaks and it’s devil’s prong pitchfork radio tower.

but its different now that im poor and im aging ill never see this place again youll go stabing yourself in the neck

I got this album and Ladytron’s “Lights and Magic” the same day up at Amoeba in the Haight.

They are a very dark beauty, perfect for SF in the winter.

she puts the weight into my little heart