Daniel Lanois is a brilliant songwriter

Emmylou sings his songs. Willie sings his songs.

There’s nothing else to say, he’s a brilliant songwriter.

I just saw “Sling Blade” (yes, just now) and it features Lanois singing some of his own work. A great voice and great songs. He’s that classic No Depression kinda Austin sound.

I went out with the lovely Ms. Pond tonight.

She’s pretty and funny and quixotic. After some shared jumbo shrimp we headed up to Cost plus (and escaped financially unscathed). After that I grabbed some ice cream and we went by Albertsons.

I also mentioned that I watched “The Good Girl” – I forgot to mention that Zooey Deschanel was in it. She played this subversive Retail Rodeo announceuse. She’s very pretty as well and has awesome eyes. She was definitely the best part of the movie.