Busy Week(s)

Since I returned from Sydney (now 3 months ago) I’ve been slowly trying to get caught up on those 2 months worth of doing nothingness. An area where I have been particularly deficient was auto maintenance.

I took my car to the friendly dealership in Sunnyvale and they found that I needed my timing belt replaced ($$$), needed the 75K maintenance, and had a small nail in my tire.

Well, I spent most of Friday taking care of the latter two items, and the first I must take care of on Monday.

That means that I will have to do all my Monday-activity in a rental car. Argh. I hate rental cars. They’re the car you get if you “Build your car online” and hit none of the extra checkboxes. Ack.

And Monday-activity I have in spades. I need to head back down to Santa Clara and pick up my recently repaired big travelling duffel bag of doom (i could stuff Mini-Me in this thing) and go to my guitar lessons in the wilds of Los Gatos (who would have thought you could find dirt road in this fashionable satellite of the Silicon Valley?).

I also need to get some new socks and other basics. :: Panting ::

All this culminates with the fact that I am leaving for London on Friday. I’m going to fly there, meet up with my friend Axl, spend the night, spend Sunday getting over (-ish) the jet lag, and then hit the office for 3 days. I will then use the 8 hour leap of time that London has versus CA to arrive back in CA at 11:30pm when my flight departs at 5pm.

Hang on, there’s more.

I’ve got to be at an off-site meeting by 0830 the next day. The plan is head home, crash (or not, depends where the lag instinct is) and then head out for the meetings. We’re going to have a bit of R&R beachside so I may try my hand at NoCal surfing.

I get back for the weekend, get a chance to change clothes and then Thursday afternoon I’m headed back to Houston for the wedding of Mathew Shane Dowiak. This will be the third marriage in the legendary Dogg Pound (1996-1997, University of Texas crew). For the record, #4 of 5 is already affianced, leaving yours truly as the lone holdout.

I look forward to Mexican food, seeing my family and friends, and Mexican food.

Good points is that two of my mates from OZ will be be attending the off-site as well. It should give me a bit of time to catch up on the latest cricket info.

Speaking of areas in which my home is defecit. Laundry and ironing. The twin curse. Speaking of, I shall attend to the current rotation.