The League of Melbotis adds his wisdom

…on the topic of marriage and relationships, The League of Melbotis has chimed in.

The Leauge, and his smarter than the average pooch Melbotis, have offered their innsight into what makes a relationship work. Here’s a few distillations…

To my post, The League replied the obvious:

_Well, gee, it?s any and all of these factors, isn?t it? _

Gee indeed, League!

The physical aspect is important to meet someone, but nobody is pretty forever. Hopefully, one day, you?ll just be able to feel lucky that this person you care about happens to be pretty. Use it as a tool for meeting somebody, but be certain, people get sick, people get hungover, people get bad haircuts. And what makes you think you?re going to stay all that beautiful, anyway?

The Leauge’s clearly misinformed, when you have an ego as large as mine the prospect of not being beautiful is not in the realm of possibility. As a fan of comic books surely he is familiar with OverGrown Ego-man?

The League casts his roving eye of ire towards sitcoms with:

_You can tell a single guy because he?s concerned about her getting her nails done or him watching football. Sitcom marriage pratfalls. _

Snicker, guilty as charged.

The League provides a great number of other insights but … pending his approval I shan’t post it.