Dedman drives across Jesusland?

James Dedman, lawyer about town and screenauthor will be driving across Jesusland and is soliciting song contributions for what to play.

I must say, I’m curious as to why this genial gadabout would opt for the road versus the air. I hate driving cross-country with a timetable. Getting nowhere en route to somewhere, that’s OK, but having to get somewhere, that’s not to my taste.

Now oftentimes my Dad and I ballparked to drive to Austin from our home in Houston was about the same time break as to fly, door-to-door. Yet Dedman will be headed to the East Coast - a trip at which point I’m sure the break is less neck-and-neck.

I’m amused to consider that Dedman may have a Brown Bunny like experience - that isn’t to say he will make a universally reviled movie, rather, he will have a Crazy Road Trip Adventure ™.

Shall we imagine Dedman, the theme to “Midnight Cowboy”, and a smoky eyed ingenue travelling across Jesusland, asking those questions that only get asked in road trip movies?

We shall.