Site revamp finished

Said Dedman on August 3, 2004:

**HARMS REVAMPS SITE - CITY FLEES: **Steven G. Harms, the doctrinaire San Francisco hipster, has completely revamped the design of his blog. It now conforms a bit more to the traditional blog layout. Be certain to read his requiem for Francis Crick, although it appears that there is some difficulty in linking directly to the post. As I post this, the Crick post is the third entry on the site, so scroll down to find it.

While I have yet to see the denizens of Sunnyvale running like mad lemmings from the Fry’s in an insane fit of fear to plunge themselves in the murky mire of the Bay, I do hope that a more uniform, readable, and, dare I say, snazzy effect has been reached.

I’m exceedingly happy with the WordPress blog software. It’s really been a lot of fun to be able to look at the PHP code underneath and revamp things as I saw fit. I don’t know why I never did that with MovableType, could it be the case that WordPress is simply more hacker-friendly?