Does Steven G. Harms dislike the red states?

James Dedman asserts elsewhere:

I am flying to South Carolina as I write this entry, making it the first on this site to be written from high above what Steven G. Harms likely considered to be mere flyover country. (Sorry, Mississippi, but Harms is no fan of the red states or their denizens. Fortunately, I am. For the most part, anyway.).

For the record I have nothing against the Carolinas or any other part of Dixie besides their not-entirely-totally-incomprehensible voting behaviour in 2004.

The South is an interesting place where people who believe in Wal-Mart and familiarity dwell. They believe in tradition, family, and friendship. They are hard-working but, generally, slow to adopt rapid change. They tend to go to church on Sunday and justify their day-to-day beliefs from a dusty book that’s proclaimed to be the inspired word of God.

That’s fine, the world is certainly big enough for our two disparate values.

They’re simply not my values.