Vacation wrap-up…

So, the

  1. See the Social Bobcats
  2. See the Dogg and Mrs. The Dogg and the proto-Dogg
  3. See matt
  4. Stay with my dad and lie around in the pool
  5. Work on my Snow Crash analysis
  6. Look at Cocoa (again)
  7. Look at Lisp
  8. Last year Dedman recommended The Time Traveler’s Wife which was awesome. This year he has recommended The Historian which looks great.
  9. Not think about work. I may need some help in this regard but Dad always kept the fridge healthily packed with bock, so that should help
  10. Go to my 10 year reunion
  11. See my grandmother and her dog, Ray.
  12. Nothing
  13. Finish off Moleskine, volume 2.

So, that’s what happened based on my “planned” list. Here’s some things that happened that I didn’t plan.

  1. At a big-ass chicken fried steak at Hickory Hollow

  2. Saw the Astros whoop up on the Nationals (the DC baseball team, not some rent-a-car center)

  3. Was introduced to The West Wing

  4. Read about 10 magazines I had ot my magazine backlog

  5. Started learning about TextMate

  6. Went up to Santa Cruz with Elle, swam in wetsuits, ate at Pizza My Heart, hung around borders

  7. Turned 28

  8. Whataburger

  9. Chick-Fil-A

  10. Acquired an heirloom (more on that forthcoming

  11. Met a student of urban planning, former high school classmate

  12. Explored the newly revitalized downtown Houston

  13. Found old college netbooks on German Idealist philosophy and Ancient greek Philosophy

I have one more day on vacation, today, and I’m hoping to work on my Snow Crash essay, read a mag or two, and maybe watch some On Demand or HDivo’d material.