What’d you do with your 3 day weekend? Damaged Furniture :( …

I continued unpacking. I finished getting everything just-so in my bedroom. I bought the totally sweet bed from but was chagrinned when one if my nightstands had its finish slivered.

I left a VM for them and hope they’re able to help.

I made a movie of the damage for their returns department and sent it in.

Isn’t that totally cool that they’re working with me to use internet technology to make their customer responsiveness better? I’m pretty sure this is why there will always be startups that use technology, in this way, to make their customers like them better than the big boys.

I’m also going to tell them that their shipping partner really should be taught some of the basics of customer service. This isn’t strictly their problem, they just need to be told their partner is not meeting expectations.

Anyway, once the bedroom is done and the mattress arrives (today!) I’ll take some pics. I love the look of their stuff.

Other than that I got the boxes and bags out of the bathroom, filled one closet, returned the kitchen to usable, arranged my bedroom closet, and am now only awaityng my new mattress and a few hours to get everything pretty-much OK.

UPDATE (July 6, 05): Talked to the staff at and they see the damage and are going to work with the vendor to work out an exchange. I’m very pleased.

I also removed the video link as it’s big and clunky and has served its purpose.