Hooray for really came through for yours truly, their customer. Some weeks ago I noted that I had received a damaged nightstand with my bed set. They worked with me, replaced the unit from the manufacturer and yesterday swapped boxes with me. With this in place my bedroom set’s look-and-feel was complete.

I’ll post a picture.

Steven’s rules for bedrooms (I’m not a decorator, feng shui expert, or pschologist, take with a grain of salt)

  • Absolutely no TV

  • The bedroom is a place for 2 activities, I’ll allow a third but with no recommendation: sleeping, sex, and reading. You will sleep better this way. If your mind starts associating “watching Leno nightly from 11-12” with the flat soft place that is your bed, when you are tired your brain will say “Hey wait, where’s the Leno, that’s what we do here!”

  • The bedroom should be colored in soothing or dark colors: blues and greens are psychologically peaceful and soothing. White is the color of the peace of death and the white sheets which we are wrapped into after being born, it is appropriate that it should figure strongly in our diurnal death analog chamber where, not coincidentally, the whole cycle is continued in our or in our pursuit of le petit mort (I’ll stop lest i sink into Schopenhauerianism)

  • Art: OK, art is good, but I think that sculpture and flowers are the way to go. If you want an image Georgia O’Keefe is ok, but Mondriaan’s “Broadway Boogie-Woogie is just too dang busy

  • Objects of religious veneration. I’m a big fan of this, sleep is mystical and so is religion, an item of your faith is a great thing to have. I’d go for a nice Maria, Buddha head, prayer mat, an AUM, etc.