I’m going on vacation starting TOMORROW and returning to work on the 14th!

I really need a break, I feel my creativity well running a bit dry. Here’s what I’ve got planned in sweltering Houston, Texas:

  1. See the Social Bobcats
  2. See the Dogg and Mrs. The Dogg and the proto-Dogg
  3. See matt
  4. Stay with my dad and lie around in the pool
  5. Work on my Snow Crash analysis
  6. Look at Cocoa (again)
  7. Look at Lisp
  8. Last year Dedman recommended The Time Traveler’s Wife which was awesome. This year he has recommended The Historian which looks great.
  9. Not think about work. I may need some help in this regard but Dad always kept the fridge healthily packed with bock, so that should help
  10. Go to my 10 year reunion

[ Angsty post on ‘i hated high school why am i doing this?’ sturm und drang elided ]

  1. See my grandmother and her dog, Ray.
  2. Nothing
  3. Finish off Moleskine, volume 2.