Speaking of Dixie and flyover country, I found myself in Eastern New Mexico with my girl celebrating Christmas chez maman.

It was a very nice couple of days (besides the fact that the smaller airport limited options and made for a hop-heavy flight). We saw my family, ate turkey, and opened presents.

Santa even came!

My beautiful girl gave me a lovely wool / cashmere blend overcoat with a nice gray scarf. She received from me a soft new robe and slippers set and Santa brough her a bottle of Hanae Mori eau de parfum.

Returning to the Bay we were greeted by rain and fog. A trip to Jake’s in Willow Glen took care of the hunger and we got to spend the rest of the day resting up.

We spent the 27th packing up the apartment in preparation of moving to our new place in Sunnyvale.

I always preferred having a mailing address in Mountain View, but the place in Sunnyvale is very nice, so I suppose I’ll sacrifice the visual cache for dwelling comfort.