Update on the laser-vision install

I just wanted to make a quick update that my laser-vision install has, thus far, only been used for the powers of good, not evil. I have used it to:

  • Drive
  • Read the drink menu at Ryowa in Mountain View
  • Discover the time from the red LED alarm clock on the other side of the bed
  • Discover that girlfriend’s expression did not mean “hey good looking” but “what are you doing now?!”

So far the real inconvenient bit is taking a bazillion eye drops every hour or so. You have to let them each absorb so by the time you finish one hour’s cycle, you’re about ready to start another. Lasik breaks down the nerves that tell your eyes to make tears, so your eyes are dry.

Eye drops

It’s not too fun, that bit.

The least-fun part is in the morning when I wake up with my eye-shields taped to my face (to proctect from nocturnal eye-rubbings) and the eye feels dry and sandy. I peel away the medical tape wherewith the eye-shields are held in place (you couldn’t give me a strap?) and rummage for those sweet, rejuvenating drops and plink plink regain the ability to comfortably blink.

Eye shields For feeling extra-Bono-like

But we adapt. Speaking of adaptation, during my initial hours post surgery I was incredibly photosensitive and look what my brilliant (no pun intended) girlfriend made:

Anti-Sun guard

Is that not totally clever? Her mind isn’t the only reason to love her but it is one of the best.

As I couldn’t sleep (not tired and the pills had worn off) and watching TV / Computering was verboten I lay listening to the Bay’s NPR affiliate, KQED and was taken in by their pledge drive again (I’m easy to convince). So yet again I contributed and get to feel ever-so-slightly superior again for having ponied up the cash.

It was also really great that my girl brought me my iPod which had some great podcasts of some of my favorite NPR programming: Left, Right, and Center as well as Shields and Brooks on the NewsHour.

This weekend my sweetie and I finished off cleanining up the bedroom. It’s now beautiful and clean and I’m very happy. I suppose that’s a little spot of “OK, this is under control now” from which to work.

Incidentally, she made me this very tasty bagel.


Lately my sweetie has been talking about wanting to learn C++ and I found a very good used edition of C++ by Dietel and Dietel. It was on sale at BookBuyers in Mountain View for $15.00 so she’s been reading it.

Sunday I went over to my friend’s place to watch the SuperBowl. I didn’t have much invested in the whole thing, but it was a pretty good game with crappy officiating.

This week has been a bit busy, I’m enacting a particularly hairy change into my server ecosystem tonight and i hope that all will carry through well. I attempted it on Monday but didn’t meet my expectations for “seamlesness” so I aborted.

I’ve also really been making some great progress on my Cocoa application. It’s a Sudoku grid that you can use to play games. I’m not GENERATING puzzles or SOLVING the puzzles with this - it’s just a computerized interface for solving puzzles that you might find on websites or in the paper.