I enjoy languages and computer languages, specifically

Slashdot recently asked about its readers success with standardizing on one programming language. Some would advocate C, or C++, or Ruby or Python…but it was this comment that I found the most interesting and its follow-up the most humorous.

Your company should standardize around Hindi - the new programming language in India - It is an extremely natural language - you write down your requirements in English (even on paper), send it via e-mail / snail mail to a supercomputer called “India”, the “India” machine turns it into Hindi and feeds the information to a cluster of other India machines, known as “Indians” and then these “Indians” break it down into functions, write the code, put it back together, compile and send you the binary - you wont have to worry about what language they code it in!

With the witty retort of:

Is the binary Big Indian or Little Indian? (a play on words of the word “endian”)