A means for building graph representations of relationships.

In about 2009, while in Austin, I got really into the Semantic Web. After spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to do something useful with it, I just let it go. I resolved that I was really either too dumb to figure it out or it was needlessly abstruse. The state of the research seems to suggest that the latter was probably the case. Regardless, I didn’t pin my career or financial stakes to it and, it turns out, that was for the best.

But recently I’ve been reading a lot more and I’m not merely content to catalog my notes in a simple list or even a JSON data structure. I’d like to be able to diagram thoughts, concepts, characters, themes, etc. and be able to render a graph of the imaginary universe (or argument, etc.). I’m keeping track of, and publishing, my research here.

  1. Problem Statement: Cataloging the Potterverse
  2. Refresh: Linked Data
  3. Refresh: RDF
  4. Solid Summary: Source Ruth Kitchin Tillman
  5. Achieve a state of comfort with RDF, its serializations (TURTLE, XML, N-TRIPLES)
  6. Still not making progress on the Problem Statement
  7. Seeking means to build out a Linked-Data Datastore using e.g. Potterverse
    • Help me import classes (type is Character) or (residenceStreet: “Privet Drive”), etc.
    • Help me find predicates e.g. residenceStreet or residentialStreet
  8. Evaluate Tooling Options with W3C semantic-web@w3.org mailing list
  9. Investigate JSON-LD
  10. Promising directions in the wild: Tom Crane & Annotation Studio
  11. Help from Aaron Bradley, via Twitter
  12. Building Vocabularies in JSON-LD
  13. Toward Easier RDF

Last Update

Ground to a halt. Again.