Letter to the APD

Dear APD,

Weekdays it is common from APD units to do radar checks on SB 183 access road between Oak Knoll and Duval. The officers tend to sit in the median at Pavillion, or before or after the Catfish parlor.

I appreciate the desire to keep speeds on the access road under control, but this their presence in these particular spots induces more danger and erratic driving.

The problem is that people are coming off of 183, while others are entering 183, while others are trying to cut quickly into the Academy driveway. This is normally a pretty dicey move, but then you have people noticing the radar gun officer and the reactions vary.

Some coming off the ramp hit the brakes, some in the access road hit the brakes, all while those about to enter the freeway are trying to enter the ramp and accelerate to meet traffic.

All this because we don’t know if we get ticketed for 5-4-2 mph over.

It’s a really dangerous situation made worse by the APD presence. If APD were to move the control point slightly past the catfish parlor, you could catch the most egregious speeders and ease the danger.

If you want a sure thing, patrol Riata trace on the other side of the highway, people at the office park use that like a drag strip getting to 183 NB.


Steven Harms