Sunday-night boredom

You may see my last post in which I ask, how can it be that here in Austin there is nothing to do on Sunday night?

Well, Lauren and I took a wild stab at a solution and went to the campus area’s venerable “Hole in the Wall” for “shoegaze” night. I figured it couldn’t be all that bad as I always had a bit of a think for My Bloody Valentine.

We headed down and the bar was sparsely populated. Many people were seated out in the hallway alongside and in back of the bar, sitting in the humid night air with sweating bar glasses stacking indefatigably higher.

We played a game of foosball and I got shellacked. Our pool games that came after were much more balanced but I think I ended up losing that series as well.

Eventually the first band came on and sure enough, they were latter-day disciples drunk from the fountain of St. Greenwood.

This morning I got up and watched the ending of “Shine”, the movie that gives you way-too-many opportunities to view Captain Barbaossa’s butt. I thought the pivotal scene of the Rachmaninoff 3 concerto was absolutely astounding. The emotional scenes between young Noah Taylor and Armin Mueller-Stahl are among the most wrenching put to film.