Rollerderby Action

It’s summer in Austin and that can mean only one thing.

Texas Roller-Girl Action

Last night was Bout 5 of the season featuring the Hell Mary’s versus visiting Northwest Arkansas Hellbillies. It was a shellacking, the Mary’s owned them left and right.

After that the Honky-Tonk Heartbreakers took on the Hotrod Honeys including my favorite, jammer, “Rice Rocket” who helped make sure her team got a spot in the playoffs bracket. It was a good, physical bout with a lot of speed on both sides’ jammers. Very good match.

The Texas girls continued beating the snot out of Arkansas one more time, but by that time we’d seen all the wheels and vengeance we could handle, so we headed home.

Further I think we’d been toxically poisoned by PlayLand skate’s concessions. Between Salt (with popcorn) for Ryan, cardboard pretzel for Jamie, Lauren, and I, and red-playdo with ice masquerading as a slurpee, we didn’t feel well by the time we reached home.

The real up-side was meeting the *Steans clan there ( as they sojourned to that strange world known as “North of the River” ). All in all, I was very glad to have seen them for the first since our return from Canada.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Heartbreakers are in the finals, they looked really good team-wise, but I’m still pulling for the Honeys.