BREAKING: Good coffee place in North Austin: Sodade Coffee

I have a new favorite coffee place in North Austin, and while I’m not excited about seeing all you sumzuhbitches there taking up all the outlets, I do like the ambience and the owners and I want their store to do well. So, if you have the inclination and are at the MoPac and 183 area, please come to Sodade Coffee.

It’s much less-crowded than competitor Primo 360. It has the quietness of Epoch Coffee on a weekday but is several miles closer to my home and saves me some of that precious, precious petroleum.

The other thing is that their choice of music is largely out of the jukebox of Steven Harms: Interpol, Pink Floyd, post-“Pepper” Beatles, etc.

And, good lord, they have a beautiful la Marzocco machine. At the Huffington post a few weeks back they had an article on “Artist Porn” ( ’twas this article that got me on to “Mad Men” ), it strikes me that the author really ought have included the La Marzocco catalog.



Tim Holmes Marzocca By Tim Holmes

I. Love. Italian. Design.

Lamentably, I missed the recent exhibition about Olivetti in Turin: “Olivetti, Una bella societa”.

I should get back to Italy soon–and you should get to Sodade