Gross Bathroom-related stuff, majorly not safe for lunch-time reading

In the following post I discuss potty topics. Consider yourself warned.

Be careful, it’s going to get gross in here. It gets much worse than this point:

Not enough toilet paper for a man

This is simply not enough TP for a man. If you’re in an apartment where you share the bathroom, do not think that this is an acceptable amount. You see, we eat BEEF and HOT WINGS and 2 DOUBLE WESTERN BURGERS. We need more, ladies.

I don’t want to invoke a tit-for-tat reprisal scenario here, but you like it when we put the seat down for you, right? Consider this the inverse.

But for something truly dis-fscking-gusting read after the jump.

At a certain locale in Houston I found this bathroom set-up.

As you can see, the access to the urinal is very narrow, one’s shoulders can almost press on both the left-hand side wall, and the toilet, uh, blinders on the right.

Urinal in a narrow space

Do you notice that thing in the lower right corner. Oh yes. It is that disgusting. It is that chemical. It is that oxidized. I was so grossed-out that I had to take a follow-up picture.

Side effects of urinal in a narrow space


Someone should have really thought about this set-up better.

The shake is an imprecise science.

All I can say is that the people probably had some code requirement for bathrooms that was ill-planned and this accounts for this mucho grosso set-up. Really, the access to the latrine shouldn’t be the width of a foxhole.