Monday Morning Referees

It drives me nuts when sports fans talk about what they would have done had they been coaching.

“Well, if you’d called a time out at 48 seconds you could have run the clock etc.”

“Well, if you’d told your defense to step up their offense wouldn’t have had a chance to score.”

Most of these observations are absolutely vacuous. I’m pretty sure that the quarterback who just took cleet to the guts probably thought “Hm, perhaps I wouldn’t be in this position if my offensive line hadn’t crumbled. When I stand up again, I shall have to confer with these chaps about Bill Swarkowski’s keen observation that they should ‘Grow A Pair and Stop Defending Like a bunch of little girls’.”

I’d always hear people talking about this (particularly at Texas during the Macovic years, ‘twere dark times here in the Burnt-Orange belt). If I were so-and-so I’d fire the Defensive Coordinator and have called time out at 42 seconds and made a sneak play for an onside kick within the infield fly zone, blah blah blah. I mean, hell people, I’d like my team to have won, but it’s 9 a.m. and I’m trying by best to convince at least 3 brain cells to start thinking about the finer points of the Glass-Steagall act, can you put a lid on the Monday morning quarterbacking / offensive coordinating / defensive coordinating / ad spot programming?

Sweet goodness gravy, and this was in the days before Tivo. I can just see these guys now, rewinding each frame by frame becoming all the more sure in the superiority of their coaching.

But I suppose it’s easier to talk about sports than to discuss the merits of the free press as an agent of disclosure in modern times in opposition to selective leaking employed by shady governmental bodies.