Comfortable shoes for hackers

You wouldn’t think it, but my feet have been hurting.


I couldn’t really believe it. It’s not lie i stand on my feet all day carving people with scalpels, or slowly planing off shavings on hulls or keels, or serve food. This was the most paradoxical part: I largely sit on my butt all day and stare at lights in a screen.

But it is true.

I tried to remedy the situation with some superfeet inserts for my Merrills, but these were apparently wearing out and my feet were hurting yet again. As such, it was time for a new shoe. Something that I could slip on, something easy and comfortable, something casual enough for the office and nice enough to make the scene at a restaurant.

I really wanted Birkenstocks that I could wear in winter.

The solution was the Birkenstock Alton.

I wore these during the BNR class and I did not have the foot pain issue that I had been having. I also wore these on one or two of our walks and they hold up well enough during some extending walks.

I recommend.