Dark Knight: spoiler-free

We saw “The Dark Knight”. It was very good. etc.

I thought that the whole “Saw” turn in the writing ( difficult moral conundrums ) was an unusual turn, but it served very well to highlight the trouble with being a masked vigilate ( until March, 2009 when “Watchmen” will give the final word ).

I love Chris Nolan’s direction: he really seems to be the heir to the Hitchcock-style of suspense.

The movie is also very much a product of its times questions of how much humanity do you sacrifice ( torture, invasion of privacy ) of the things that made you once great in the name of preserving that state–at what point do you lose it in pursuit of protecting it ( any bells ringing? ).

“Iron Man”, “Wall-E”, and now “The Dark Knight” it’s been a good summer for movies.