Superman needs no foot-tapping, he has X-ray vision

Florida Republican representative Bob Allen has been found guilty for soliciting sex in a public ( state park bathroom ) place.

What I found interesting, is his counsel repeated appeals to the fictitious geography known as “Bizarro World” as part of the defence.

During closing arguments earlier in the day, Eisenmenger told jurors the state’s version reminded him of a comic-book land called Bizarro World, “where everything is backward.”

And further….

But in his closing, Whitaker pointed to an enlarged mug shot of Allen’s unshaven face and declared, “This is Bizarro World.” “Bob Allen making eyes at police, looking over a stall door at another man’s eyes, going into that stall … looking at that man and saying, ‘This is kind of a public place, isn’t it?’ That is Bizarro World.”

bizarro world

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Is this just not incredibly nutso? It would be like your defence including what happened in an episode of “Friends”. See it was just like that time Joey knew Rachel and Chandler were getting together but everyone thought he was a pervert. But remember, he kept saying “I’m Joey”?

But an appeal to Bizarro world is not unknown in Kryptonian jurisprudence.

Said defence for Zod, Law-El: “It is Bizarro World, General Zod was just arranging fireworks for a celebratory festival for that rapidly-approaching, gaseous star over there!”.