Quick Post as time is running short…

Hey all.

Wednesday we leave for Sydney. In efforts to try to sync up school and work, I’m to take the 2nd math exam tomorrow ( yes scarcely a week since my last ), so I’ve been cramming that material into my gray matter as quickly as possible ( thus the light presence the last few days ). My Latin prof and I have arranged to take any exams upcoming post-return.

We’re both very excited about heading ( in my case, back ) to Sydney. It should be a good break from balmy Austin. Sydney appears to be cool and breezy, nevertheless we hope to enjoy a bit of sun and sand whilst there.

It’s hard to believe that my first trip was within the first 6 months of my starting this weblog. To think of the strange orbit that impelled be thence, and back, and into a twilight realm, and pulled Lauren into my life, and then flung us to Texas, and now sends me back to that place where so many of the questions that had bothered me so long came to bear a heavy weight upon me under vastly better conditions seems a chance to close another cycle.

In any case, I’ve got a few funny posts under development, but I’ve not had the time to put them together. Perhaps I’ll find time before I leave, or on the plane.

…or perhaps not.

In any case, pictures and updates should be coming soon from New Holland.