Week 2 of “Not Working”

It’s such an absolute lie.

I’m totally working. I’m just not working on “work work” stuff, rather I’m working on school work and personal stuff work. I’m a bit ashamed about it, honestly.

It’s a cruel mistress, this thing I have called “a love for learning.” It breaks your heart and makes you hide in rooms at desks behind paper or in front of computers.

But could I be otherwise if I tried? And those stacks of papers, bills, loose receipts, scribbled ideas, would they file and sort themselves?

Deciding that it just wasn’t quite nerdy enough to write an extension set to Textmate to help produce Latin homework in HTML with references to CSS…I decided to write extensions to LaTeX to be able to prepare text in Latin.

Strange, to use all this technology to produce the capability of being able to readily type up a dead language.

And, you can’t argue, this sample,the opening 11 lines of Æneid , looks pretty. These 11 lines, incidentally, I’m currently trying to memorize as an extra-credit assignment. I’ve made it up to the invocation of the muse, only 4 more lines to go.