The Final Countdown

:: synth intro ::

Well, we’re about 4 days away from taking off on our grande adventure. Here’s the CALIFORNIA leg.

  • Sunnyvale to Willits, CA to visit my dad’s cousin and his wife (1.5 days)

  • Willits back down the coast to San Luis Obispo (1 day)

  • SLO to Vegas

So that’s the start of things, I’ll be updating this site with pictures as things happen.

We’ve managed to clear out one bedroom and we’re keeping all the “finished” boxes in there. It’s really fortunate because it allows us to see “how much is left” - a steadily decreasing amount - while keeping the boxes somewhere safe. We’ve got the kitchen, 1 bedroom, the patio, and the storage unit all cleaned out.

We’re just plugging away at it. I’m shooting for being done on Wednesday, so that the day before is just taking it easy, but we’ll see. I don’t want to be packing late the night before – I’ve had enough of that!