Latest Cocoa Program: Simple Flash Card ( neu mit Cocoa-bindings! )

I always write this program, for pretty much any programming language I know: Java, Perl + CGI, and now Cocoa.

I have always learned new information particularly well through either stories or through flash cards. The former, while poetic and colorful lacks the portability and immediacy of the latter. During college you would find me reading the material, making notes, turning the notes to cards, or reviewing the cards.

It was through this method that I memorized the rules of logic (modus tollens, DeMorgan’s Theorem), Dutch Irregular verbs (zijn, was/waren, geweest), French Irregular verbs (_ai, as , a, avons, avez, ont). _Learning certain basic facts, fast, is something that makes synthesizing abstract things later much easier. I learned this by watching the kids learn when I was an assistant at Kumon math centers: The faster they knew the basics, the faster they could be when they reached calculus. Calculus, by way of comparison, was “What’s the technique” - -the plug and chug of factors and additions was simply a bit of rote dreariness. By having mastered that, they could unfold solutions much more quickly.

In any case, and by way of digression, I’ve created a flash card program to help people learn and review things. A few friends are testing it at present, but I should share it with the rest of the internet in DMG format once I get a few free hours ( work’s rather hectic at the moment ).

Here are some screen shots:

Enter a question…

_Entering A Question_

_ _

_More questions being entered__More Questions __ _

The Exam Interface: Answers randomly shuffle to prevent positional memorization (paper cards can’t touch that!)Exam Interface

The final result: Looks like i should study math more and 80’s cartoon references less!

Final Result Screen Shot