Finished my first sizable Cocoa application

Well but a few days ago I finished my first sizeable Cocoa application.

It has been wiledly ruminated in the academic community that Marey Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein, is actually a meditation on the creative process of creating a novel. Originally one starts with the highest of aims, through a series of deals with the devil one manages to make something come to life, but that thing is inherently unholy, can’t be controlled, and winds up going out and killing indiscriminately.

I feel the same way about my first sizable Cocoa application - no I do not think that it is going to run rampant on a murderous spree, asking all sorts of questions about Kantian morality on the way - rather, it started off with the purest of noble intentions. Somewhere along the line I came to pray for its (or my) death.

Well OK, death would be a bit melodramatic in this case. Completion - removal - something. Just get the foul thing away from me.

Then intervened my vacation in Hawaii and I found myself renergized slightly upon return. Somehow, stepping away opened the possibility that I could find that spot that athletes “Dig Deep” to get to. I finished the app.

So now I have it and have used it for its designated end. While the exterior product is sufficiently clever and useful, the coder perfectionist in me that rails against Windows and things like that demands that I refine it. So I guess I will do so, move to a higher state of grace.

But the nice part is that the cancerous outgrowth of Aaron Hillegass’ Cocoa Programming using Mac OS X that like a tumor has been attached to me for the summer season can now be, much thanks to my shoulders and back, left at home.