Enoch: Seventh of Adam; Grandfather of Noah, Taken by God

Ol’ Monkeyface and I were having one of our strange quasi-religious, quasi-mystic discussions about Enoch (חנוך) who, among other things:

  • fathered Methuselah

  • lived the events of the Book of Enoch

  • did not die, but was taken by God’s hand

  • is called Idris in the Koran

  • taught humankind mathematics, writing, astronomy (perhaps this is why the character Enoch Root is named such in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon cycle of books?)

  • May have been “translated to an angel” at the hand of God

More on Enoch

While we were discussing this, OlMF made this very cool drawing. I said that if I ever have a band I will use this on the cover art. It’s appropriately Radiohead-ish but much more Byronic, Lovecraftian – it’s simple and it speaks to that same strange transcendentally recognizable thing that makes the evil video strangeness from “The Ring” so damn compelling.

Well done, and he did it in about 30 seconds: