Headed back to Jesusland

Well it’s August first and I am sitting in San Jos?’s Mineta airport.

Most people are surprised when they come and see the airport of “The Silicon Valley” because it is still of that 1960s ranches and orchards vintage of Old San Jose (more on this idea coming). I mean, you can almost imagine well dressed stewardesses escorting Haley Mills down the silver push-up staircase (like in the original “Parent Trap”).

No, most expect something along the lines of the EEro Saarinen-esque SFO - which they do not get.

In any case I’m sittting here. I’ve decided that the goal is not simply to fly but the goal should be to fly no-stress. As such, I leave early, play my iPod all the way through ticketing / search / harassment / screening / unloading of gear and shoes / more screening / etc.

Curse you, Osama.

It’ll be my first trip since the segregation of our land:


It’s going to be a lot of fun: Mexican Martini, Sonic, Whataburger, more Tex-Mex than you can shake a stick at. I’m pretty excited.

My de-compression into Jesusland will be helped by the fact that Austin is rather United States of Canada-philic, so I can ease into things before heading mecca of oil interest Washington D.C. Houston.

Cynicism and bitterness aside, the main purpose of my visit is to witness my sister’s graduation. With that, for my parents I should say project: “kids” is officially done: stamped, sealed, and verified by the registrar of The University of Texas.

Mountain View was cold last night too - it dropped down into the mid-thirties. I hope this is going to help the snow situation for when I return.

The visa is stamped, Jesusland here I come!