? Hola !

Hey everyone, I am here in an internet cafe in the heart of barcelona. Needless to say an english & dvorak keyboard is a bit hard to come by. My post will be a bit terse as a result.

My sister and i had a great time in amsterdam. We got to see my friend nicholas, big al, and Abdul. We went to the v. Gogh museum, got rained on, and got to eat indonesian. Of particular note was the visit to the keukenhof flower show (pics to be posted upon return).

We spent 2 hectic days in madrid before arriving today in barcelona.

Barcelona is a good bit cooler than madrid. We took naps upon arrival as we were out late watching flamenco last night. This afternoon we saw gaudis sdgrada familia temple. Our plans just got scrapped to meet her friends - so I think we will head out to get some tapas.