Maui wrap up

Here is the rough story of my visit to Maui

Friday 24 September - Woke up early (0400), shower, cab to Mountain View Caltrain, train to Millbrae, Bart to SFO. - Check in was moderately painless. iPod and a bunch of magazines in the backpack and I was all good - Flight was good, ATA food was good, they showed this movie with Jim “Jesus” Cavizel playing Bobby Jones. I don’t know much about golf - I didn’t care much - Arrived in Maui. I was hot in jeans and a shirt - Picked up a Chevrolet Classic. Has a nice bit of low end for an econobox - Drove to Ka’annapali (henceforth K’pali). - The water in Hawaii is not blue. It is cobalt. It is not blue like water, it is blue like dye. It’s beautiful. - I arrive at the hotel: receive lei and plumerias - I get room upgrade - beautiful view of beach, garden, two balconies and tons of AC - I am tired - I get my bearings and make phone calls to surf shops etc. - I take a momentary splash on the beach - I shower and head to reception luau - Meet with Norbert’s cousin James - Meet with other guests - Luau - Go home - Fall asleep on chaise lounge on balcony

Saturday - Wake up at 5am - Sunrise yoga - Hit the pool - Eat a $12 ham sandwich - Drink a maui mist - Shower, go to wedding - Am appropiately moved - Head to reception - Hear great wedding day speech from groom - Am appropriately moved - Wonderful night - Plan on going out, by the time we get back to Lahaina Town everyone is tired - Go home

Sunday - Sunrise yoga (not because I’m intrepid, but because I keep waking up at 5 in the morning) - Hit the pool briefly - Go to post-wedding-day-brunch! Fun! - Return in the afternoon, hit the pool - Go out that night with wedding revelers to Lahaina town. Eat sushi at kobe restaurant. Drink expensive drinks. I’m falling asleep in my chair. Dammit! “Place was dead anyway”. Go home.

Monday -Supposed to go snorkeling. I didn’t get the directions right and miss the boat, literally. - Go surfing instead - Come back exhausted, hit the pool, read book: Started The Time Traveller’s Wife about 11 that morning. Realize I am in love with this book about page 30. Realize I will not stop reading this thing until it’s done - Develop a sick stomach (sushi? travel? ) I don’t care, I’m reading an amazing book - Overcome with sadness about 50 pages from the end - Finish about 11pm. I’m overcome with anger at the protagonist. - Trying to lessen anger at protagonist - Keep replaying scenes of the book. I’m incredibly sleepy, but incredibly mentally engaged - Toss and turn. Stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. - Sleep

Tuesday - AM yoga, thoughts of TTW keep interrupting. Crabs come out to watch me on the sand. They are cute and creepy at the same time. - Hit the morning surf. I step on a sea urchin and, inbetween waves, pluck spines out of my left big toe. I can still stand on the surfboard. Keep surfing. - Hit the pool and read books - Watch a ton of law and order - Notice I look healthy with a tan. I should try this vacating in warm places more often

Wednesday - AM yoga - Hit the morning surf - Hit the pool and read books - Watch a ton of law and order - Notice I look good with a tan. I really should try this vacating in warm places more often

Thursday - AM yoga - Hit the morning surf. BIG SURF DAY. - Read book - Went to bed early

Friday - AM yoga - Breakfast brunch - Go to airport - Fill up with 2.66/gallon gass - Return rent car - Catch flight home - Return to SF, take train back to MV, cab from MV home. - Leave bags in living room. Get Carl’s Jr.